Property Valuations - Costa del Sol, Marbella and Estepona

The Costa del Sol, including Marbella, Estepona and Sotogrande, is the area of Spain where Villa Surveyors is most active. We have undertaken 100's of building surveys and valuations in the area and are therefore very familiar with construction techniques and property values in the area.


Stan Dickens, of Villa Surveyors, first got to know the Costa de Sol in the late 1980's when the property crisis resulted in many abandoned construction projects lining the coast. What were they worth? Were the construction licences still valid?  Did anybody want to buy them? Many disappointed owners, investors and holiday clubs and banks, from Scandinavia, Spain and elsewhere wanted to know the answers to these questions. Stan would visit  the Costa del Sol,  once or twice a month to advise on such projects and inform owners groups and debtors about their options and the value of their investments.

Villa Surveyors now focuses on helping prospective purchasers to understand what they are planning to buy and if there are any problems ranging from design and building defects to illegal construction amongst other things. This is mostly done through undertaking an in depth inspection of the property and providing a detailed Building Survey report.

Property Valuers working in Andalucia and throughout Spain

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Compared with the recession years of the 1980's and 1990's things look very different on the Andalucian Costas. You don't see abandoned construction projects any longer. On the Costa del Sol there is a booming property market and good properties at the right price don't hang around for long. Property buyers from the UK, Scandinavia, France, China and many more countries are very active as well as the Spanish of course. This means that you need to act quickly once you have decided on a property.


If you need any help or advice please feel free to get in touch at no obligation using our contact page. There will be competition for any well priced property so please remember to book your building survey as early as possible. Happy house hunting! 

For those readers who are still not quite sure about exactly where they would like to live we include the following very brief guide to the area:​

Andalucia - costas

Regularly criticised but always popular, Spain’s Costa del Sol is an agglomeration of resort towns many of which where once small fishing villages, something difficult to imagine today.

Costa del Sol

This areas extends along the coast to the west of Malaga.  Development since the 1960's has been extensive and uncontrolled, resulting in diverse urban areas, some with fairly distinct identities. Torremolinos is today a popular gay resort, Benalmádena is known for its theme parks and aquariums, Fuengirola is more orientated towards families and water-sports, Mijas still claims to be  one of Andalucía's authentic white villages, Marbella is for the rich with big yacht marinas and many golf courses, whilst at Estepona some of that traditional Spanish identity still remains. As the reader will appreciate, visitors are spoilt for choice!

Costa del Sol Oriental

The coast to the east of Málaga, sometimes referred to as the Costa del Sol Oriental, is less developed. However, the sprawl of Málaga extends east through a series of unremarkable concrete high rise seaside towns until you arrive at the more attractive Nerja, after which there are some relatively unspoilt locations.

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