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Building Surveys - Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Central Portugal

We are very active undertaking building surveys and valuations in central Portugal and along the Atlantic coast. Some of the cities we frequently cover include Greater Lisbon, Greater Porto and Coimbra. Although we mostly specialise in villa style properties we also undertake surveys of other residential property types including apartments. We undertake Residential Valuations, Building Surveys and HomeBuyer Surveys of both rural and city properties.

Property Surveyors and Valuers working in Portugal

Below we include a very brief guide for those looking for a property in central Portugal: 

Whether you are looking for the sophistication of city life in bustling Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra or want a simpler life style closer to nature in Castelo Branco, for example,  the centre of Portugal has something to offer you.

In a village or farm location, outside the town of Castelo Branco, you can find houses for sale at a fraction of the price of a small apartment in Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra. You'll be in a back to nature environment with countryside walks and many attractive small villages and medium sized towns to visit. 

​Within the large coastal cities you will pay more for a property but you will benefit from the many attractions of living in a large coastal city including access to international airports, good communications, great architecture and enchanting neighbourhoods, a few remaining tram routes in Lisbon and Porto, great sights and many restaurants to name but a few of the attractions.


If you are not sure which option to go for, we would recommend spending some time in all of the major cities to decide which one you like and can afford to live in. Also, taking time to get to know some of the villages and towns of the interior before  taking a purchase decision id highly recommended. Sometimes the attraction of getting a larger house than expected for your money can make it seem very appealing to buy in a village or town. However, when winter sets in and your English speakers neighbours have gone away, village life can feel isolated unless you know that like minded souls are around. If you are prepared to mix with the locals and learn the language this wll of course be an advantage.   

Once you have found a property in Portugal please get in touch with us for an initial chat or a non obligation quote.