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Golden Visa Property Search in Spain and Portugal

A Golden Visa is a residence permit for owners of real estate which confers the right to live and work in many European countries on the holder. The Golden visa scheme in these countries is designed to attract entrepreneurs, encourage real estate and public debt investment and create jobs. Most types of real estate investment is eligible and includes residential properties, retail shops, vacant and development land and even parking spaces. Although there is a minimum investment of €500,000 this can be spread over more than one asset if desired.


Villa Surveyors can aid you in all of the property related steps of the Golden Visa process in Spain and Portugal.  We are also able to recommend reputable lawyers who can assist you with the Golden Visa application and property conveyancing.

We undertake property searches and inspections for potential purchasers and applicants wishing to apply for a Golden Visa in Spain and Portugal. We provide property related help and advise at every stage of the property acquisition process and are able to recommend and work alongside the professionals you need to advise you.


Due to distance, work commitments and other reasons, there are property buyers who do not have sufficient time to research the market and search for a property to buy.  If you are in this position we can help you.

What is included in our Portugal and Spain Golden Visa property search service? 

​Our work starts before you arrive in Spain or Portugal:

  • Organisation of your trip to Spain or Portugal - transfers, hotel reservations, etc,.

  • Preparation of property shortlist(s) in the chosen location(s).

  • We recommend lawyers who we trust to act in your best interest.

  • Liaison with selling agents and vendors for client accompanied property visits

  • Survey and valuation of finally selected property

  • Price negotiation and advice

  • After sales service and management of the property if required 

Independent property finders in Spain and Portugal

We help prospective purchasers, mainly Golden Visa applicants, navigate the property markets from initial guidance on where to look and what is affordable right through to completion of the transaction.


We pride ourselves on being totally independent with no loyalties to real estate agents, sellers or other actors in the property markets of Spain and Portugal. We act exclusively in the interest of property buyers.


We will do our best to obtain the best property transaction terms possible including helping you to negotiate a price reduction if possible.

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