New Build Snagging Reports in Spain and Portugal.

Buying a new build property is not quite as straightforward as it might seem.  If you move into your new home without having a snagging inspection report undertaken you are likely to find out that there are a number of faults, which in the industry are known as snagging items or defects. 

​It might sound odd that a new house would have defects. However, a new three bedroom house could easily have 20 or more snagging items requiring repair.  Many snagging defects are due to poor materials and workmanship which are unfortunately commonplace. This is not really surprising given that many trades are subcontracted. Subcontractors are usually under pressure to finish the job quickly and move on to the next site. Since the recession of 2008 a significant problem has been the prevalence of inexperienced apprentices due to many of the traditional building trades being disbanded. 


In view of the above, it is more important than ever to instruct us to carry out a snagging survey on your new-build property. We inspect new-build villas, houses and apartments or flats for defects. Following the inspection we issue a comprehensive photographic snagging report for your developer to act on. This means that you can move into your new home in the knowledge that everything will be working perfectly and will be defect free.

When is the best time to have a Snagging Report Undertaken?

We recommend that you arrange for your snagging report to be delivered around one week before completion of the purchase. This will allow time for the developer to correct most or all of the snagging items. If there are any items that cannot be quickly resolved your solicitor will include them in a legal agreement which will clearly set out what is required and when.


If possible, you should contact us around three to four weeks before you need the snagging report. This will give us time to arrange the visit, undertake the inspection, write the report and send it you and your solicitor. On the rare occasion a snagging inspection cannot be arranged prior to you moving in we recommend that it be undertaken within a day or two of completion / handover of keys.


Getting a snagging report undertaken before you move into the property is often a requirement of developers in Spain and Portugal. There are advantages for both parties. Getting the snagging items completed  before you move in will be less disruptive, especially if major issues are found. Also for both you and the developer, it is a lot more convenient  to work from a single fully comprehensive snagging list and get everything quickly completed. The alternative would involve you raising issues over a number of months which will prove inconvenient for both you and the developer.

Why choose a Chartered Surveyor to prepare your snagging report?

A Chartered Surveyor experienced in preparing snagging reports will provide specialist equipment, experience and expertise and highlight both minor and major snagging issues.  ​During the snagging survey a Chartered Surveyor will check your new-build home thoroughly. This will include:

  • an inspection of all visible roof surfaces and rainwater goods (subject to access)

  • external rendering and brickwork

  • window and door openings

  • garages and outbuildings

  • ​​​plaster surfaces and paintwork​

  • floor finishes

  • bathroom wall surfaces and sanitary ware

  • kitchen finishes, fixtures and fittings

  • joinery

  • staircases
  • loft inspection if access is possible

  • inspection to determine floors and ceilings are level and walls are plumb

  • fire safety measures

  • floor area measurements and calculations

  • electrical sockets test

  • plumbing tests to inspect for leaks, obstructions and ensure stop valves are working

  • gas supply stop valve test

  • heating and hot water system checks

  • under floor heating check

  • air conditioning unit checks

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