RICS property survey Spain, Portugal and Italy

The qualification and regulation of property surveyors, or home inspectors as they are known in some countries, varies from country to country. However, there is one professional qualification which guarantees you a high level of professional service. The RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is quite active in Italy, Portugal and Spain and you can check its website to be sure that your surveyor is a professionally qualified RICS Chartered Surveyor. Please check us out. We also include some comments received from satisfied clients below.

Read below some of the comments we receive as RICS Chartered Surveyors  in Spain, Portugal and Italy

To read any of the original Google reviews about our surveying services all you have to do is open Google Maps on your web browser and type "Villa Surveyors" in the address section.  Details of Villa Surveyors will then appear along with the reviews.

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